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  • The shocking truth about how our food can affect our thoughts and beliefs.
  • keys to creating vibrant health.
  • How to stop the diabetes epidemic for good.
  • How to individualize your diet for your own body type.
  • The diet we're supposed to eat
  • How to easily achieve your health goals with little effort and maximum results.
  • The reasons why green smoothies may be the best way to transition to raw food and transform your health.
  • How to conduct research and the importance of getting your diet right.
  • How and when to cleanse your body.
  • Some easy-to-prep raw food recipes.
  • How to prepare raw foods for parties and events.
  • A review of the Blendtec and the Vitamix blenders.
  • The essential kitchen tools for raw food prep.
  • Why going vegan first may be better than going 100% raw overnight.
  • The key aspects of healthy living (it's not just raw food and exercise...)


Find Out The Secrets To A Healthy Lifestyle.

  • Learn how to make intelligent educated decisions about food
  • Feel clean, healthy, energized, and pure
  • Reclaim your mind and body
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"You are a physical extension of that which we call G-d. You are sent for such a time as this...Nothing is by chance, all is orchestrated.Therefore You in connection with Ha'Shem the Most High G-D, The Self Existant One' of all creation are on the leading edge of thought manifestation. HIS Manifestation in and through you. Yeshua' the mighty prophet and servant of YAHweh stated the Kingdom of heaven is within you. Therefore You are the essence of YAHweh bringing heaven to earth." You are a physical extension of that which is Non-physical, and with that, It all starts in your essence, and that is what connects you to YAH'weh You are His arms to a hurting world, which is all the more reason to walk in ReFuAh'~ health and healing.

Friend; Please do your part' Humanity needs you to arise and shine with the Shekinah Life ~~Yeshayahu [Isaiah] 60:v1

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