Health and Healing


OK~the Number one issue

is to keep fit...

Oh yes, I' Agree we do-not like the mention of exercise,...

However a stagnant body does not' do a Body good

So lets consider this as an essential part of the regime along with healthy eating comes healthy exercise...Ok now remember make it a goal and make it fun.

Foundational considerations:

Quality intake diet/Nutrition, Exercise-physical motivation,,Stress management,Healthy lifestyle=No-Smoking-drugging etc., Herbal remedies-Medicine,Essential oils for relaxation/saunas,Open air activities such as Hiking or country walks

Here are three easy to remember tips

      • Breath correctly

      • Drink plenty of fluids

      • Start slow and build up

Here are three easy routines:

(1)~Brisk walk for fifteen (15) minutes

(2)~A video cardio like those below

(3)~Fifteen minutes on a Eliptical Exercisor

Here are some easy routines with Video

  • Tae-bo is a great way to use 5 or ten minutes

In each video when it completes,.Check there are more videos in the Menu from Tae Bo to use as well

You can go toYouTube and find lots moreVideos to your liking. Just remember it is about keeping the matabolisim working. One of these in the morning will make your whole day go better..

Here are some needed tools:

  • Eliptical Exercisor

  • Total Gym ~~ This tool has so many options it is well worth it


Remember; If funds are a problem, then look to the local thrift stores.

Or better yet on site like Craigs list.

Someone may just give you what you want for free


Something fo rthe Kids