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Experts have projected that the wellness industry will exceed $1 trillion annually by the year 2010.

Hopefully it will be in quality products and helpful living concepts...However What else does that tell you?

Well for one, if you are not on the band wagon to better health then you need to ask the question 'What is holding you back ?

Hopefully that question has been answered and moreover that is the reason you are at ReFuAh today...If so Great !

This is your day to get started, or better yet, to add more information for your journey to greater and more healthy lifestyle...

So lets get started shall we~~First I am not an M.D. or N.D. However, I have been in the pharmacy industry for fifteen plus years and observe many afflicted people daily, honestly that made me begin to ask questions.

Here is what I found out

Too many people are looking in the wrong places for the answers on how to achieve optimal health. They're wasting their time, and hard earned money trusting the wrong people and after all is exhausted, they still don't get the ultimate health results they're so eagerly seeking. May I assume you are one of those people.

Hopefully on this ReFuAh site you will find the keys to greater health whether it be in the form of a vegan or a raw style of food preperation in conjunction with moderate exercise, let us journey together and find combination of healthy choices.

Friend, It is a horrendous discovery that most people do not understand the power & authority of the walk in G-D which brings forth wholeness and healing through the basic understanding of quality eating which is plainly written in the common Bible...I am not talking religion but a healthy lifestyle.

let us journey together and learn to get Healthy, if you go no further get this

What is RAW/Living food?
In essence the beauty of Raw is simplicity
Like in the KISS theology of Sales/Marketing,[Keep It Simple Stupid]
Really it is the basics of eating every seed bearing fruit written thousands of years ago by a fellow named Moshie’ pretty renowned for his wisdom.
In its finest form it is a consumable diet made up of natural whole grains and healthy produce from the garden....NOT the GMO/Genetically altered foods or packaged processed foods full of nitrates and preservatives that harm our bodies.
Simply: That may contain items such as these:
Vegetables and also sea or lake weeds EG Seaweed containing minerals
Legumes (heated to no more than112 degrees Fahrenheit…or 44 degrees Celsius~At temperatures above that the items cooked start to be denatured)

Raw diets will be found to have varying degrees of styles and differing results…so really you' yourself have to seek out a balance that works for you.

We will discuss Raw and or healthy diets in this Shekinah~Life/Refuah web siteVarious articles of interest, drugs to avoid and a variety of my own experiences on a journey of greater health...

Shalom' above all enjoy your journey~Your friend Terry'

  • Learn how to make intelligent educated decisions about food
  • Feel clean, healthy, energized, and pure.
  • Reclaim your mind and body.
  • Find out the simple steps to a healthy lifestyle
  • Help the lives of those you care about.
  • What would YOU like?
  • How about simple health & happiness
  • freedom from pain
  • Living Well, & Aging Gracefully
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"You are a physical extension of that which we call G-d. You are sent for such a time as this...Nothing is by chance, all is orchestrated, Therefore You in connection with Ha'Shem the Most High G-D, The Self Existant One' of all creation are on the leading edge of thought manifestation. HIS Manifestation in and through you. Yeshua' the mighty prophet and servant of YAHweh stated the Kingdom of heaven is within you. Therefore, You are the essence of YAHweh bringing heaven to earth." You are a physical extension of that which is Non-physical, and with that, It all starts in your essence, and that My friend is what connects you to YAH'weh. Simply, You are His arms to a hurting world, which is all the more reason to walk in ReFuAh'~ health and healing.

Friend; Please do your part' Humanity needs you to arise and shine with the Shekinah Life ~~Yeshayahu [Isaiah] 60:v1